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If you arrived at this web site looking for Thunder Hart Web Company or the Rocky Mtn. Web Studio, we regret to inform you that you that these companies no longer exist. Through these businesses we have served the spiritual, holistic, environmental, educational and alternative communities since 1995 providing top of the line web services at reasonable prices in order to facilitate the spread of knowledge, increaseawareness, and expand consciousness.

After 21 years of rarely taking a day off we decided it was time to refocusour energy fromencouraging others along the path, to traveling the path ourselves - full time - unencumbered by the many daily time consuming responsibilities of running a successful business. To our knowledge, thededication andservices we provided to thespiritual, holistic, environmental, educational and alternative communities was unique, and weare sorry to say that we know of no other company or person, which in all sincerity and integrity, we can wholeheartedly recommend.

We have met many and learned much during our 21 years of service - from our clients - as well as from personally creating and maintaining the largest and longest running spiritual / holistic / environmental web site in the world, and founding the physical non-profit organization to compliment it. It has been quite a run. During that time there are a few clients which have for various reasons worked their way into our hearts and have become close friends. We will continue to provide our web services to these very special people.But for the most part providing internet and web services is a thing of the past. It has been a joy to be of service to so many wonderful endeavors and we are grateful for the opportunity to have been of service.

Many Blessings,

Aaron & Bree Thunder Hart

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